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How Do You Create a Discipling Culture?

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Discipleship fundamentally is about developing people. Helping them become the person God had in mind for them to be when he created them is the point and the end goal. The culture of a congregation or ministry organization can either promote or inhibit the discipling process.

In my experience I have observed that 5 key elements contribute to a culture that supports people development:

  • Customized approaches
  • Intergenerational connections
  • Relational and life-centric focus
  • Service as self-discovery
  • Coaching through intentional spiritual conversations

Here’s a video where I had a chance to talk with a group of church leaders about these 5 key elements to a people development culture.

Figuring out how these elements are used in helping to shape (not script) people’s spiritual journeys is just one of the major challenges in rethinking how we go about discipling people.


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