Ministry Masterclass:
Leading a Church in a Time
of Sexual Questioning


Join this 8-week masterclass and learn how you can lead your church with truth and grace at a time when some attendees are questioning their sexual identity.

Starts on Jan 14, 2020


Bruce Miller has been the pastor of Christ Fellowship Church in McKinney, Texas, since 1997. He founded Centers for Church Based Training and helped develop The WISDOM Process©, a systematic way to think through issues and make decisions.

Bruce has taught theology at Dallas Theological Seminary and is the author of six books. He speaks at churches, organizations, and conferences about the culture’s changing views on human sexuality and the impact on the church.

Bruce and his wife, Tamara, have five grown children and live in McKinney, Texas.


Get insights on how to navigate the difficult culture in your own church – all on our weekly sessions released every Tuesday.

Each session includes:
A 10-minute teaching video | A weekly assignment | Group discussion questions


Your Sexuality: Setting an Example

Sexuality by itself is deeply personal, and when you add in the current social and political dynamics, it’s a volatile context, into which we are to minister the love and grace of Jesus Christ.


Better than Sex: Providing Theological Leadership

Few pastors have a robust theology of sexuality beyond the simple moralism. Beyond these noble efforts, could there be a bigger, more robust, biblical story of sexuality that we have missed?


Same-Sex Sexuality

You want to reach LGBT+ people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and yet it feels impossible when the culture depicts us as in a war against each other. There is hope.


Ways of Living Relationally Holy Lives as Gay People

How can the church be a place where gay men and lesbian women, and other sexual minorities, flourish in the abundant life that Christ promises? Every believer deals with unfulfilled and unfulfillable desires. As an LGBT+ person, you have several God-honoring ways to live.


Talking Like Jesus... About Sexual Sin

To what extent have our attitudes, words, and actions pushed young gay Christians over the edge away from the Church? Ask yourself practical questions about the atmosphere of your church.


Leading Those Who Struggle Accepting LGBT+ People

We need as much grace for church people who struggle with gay people as we do for gay people who struggle with the Church. Patience, love, empathy, and a listening ear are what we bring to each person.


Ministry Decisions: Membership, Baptism, and Serving

However you construct your approach to baptism or your approach to who can volunteer in children’s ministry, it’s a matter of integrity that you apply the same standard to all people – to LGBT+ people and to straight people alike.


Handling Sexual Sin in a Local Church

In conversations about sexual sin, someone will inevitably ask about “church discipline,” and how it might apply to same-sex sexual sin. In this session, we'll look at how to handle church discipline in light of sexual sin.

Note: All sessions are playable on demand, so you can watch them at your convenience.


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With compassion and generosity, Bruce Miller brings biblical theology into the arena of one of the thorniest topics facing the Church in this present culture: human sexuality. I promise that you will be challenged.

Michael Fletcher
Senior Pastor, Manna Church


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