The Heartbeat of Rising Influence Churches

By | Generous Churches, Missional

Rising influence churches show significant innovation in ministry, and they positively impact both their local communities and their pastoral peers. Most are looking for new, meaningful, biblically based ways to describe and measure spirituality. All strive to become better at connecting with, reaching and serving lost people, and most are trying to find new financial models where less of their total budget goes into facility costs. Multisite ministry is almost a given for these churches.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Multisite Churches Part 2

By | Multisite Churches

This week in our new series “Frequently Asked Questions about Multisite Churches,” we start digging a little deeper into what a multisite church looks like and what the advantages/disadvantages are for this type of church. One thing is for certain, it is not a “one size fits all” concept. Multisite churches come in all shapes and sizes that are tailored for their particular ministry.

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Megachurch Languages?

By | General Interest

Megachurches are not a creation of the United States. There are far more megachurches (defined as 2,000 or more in weekend worship attendance) outside North America than inside it, as my global megachurches page shows. . . .

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