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There is something in our wiring as humans that makes us seek things we believe will bring comfort and security.  We love a full bank account, a full tank of gas, a full fridge, and lots of free time to kick our heels up.

There’s nothing innately wrong with any of these things.

At the same time, that comfort we seem to be constantly pursuing allows us to relax, and that usually means we are lulling ourselves to sleep at the very same moments God may be positioning us to pursue progress.

So . . . there’s something dangerous about comfort.

We have an uncanny ability to seek comfort, it makes us feel so good in the moment.

It’s why the quintessential vacation photos always show a beach, a palm tree, and an adult beverage.  It needs no explanation beyond the photo to say, “Come here and relax—you’ll feel better.”

While we absolutely need margin and times of relaxation, the endless pursuit of comfort keeps us from achieving the plans God has for us.

Have you ever heard anyone say that they grew the most during times of comfort and relaxation?

Know any Bible stories that reveal that to be true?

I once heard a talk about the angel Gabriel coming to Mary in Luke 1.  The preacher said Mary was “thoroughly shaken” (MSG), but she wasn’t afraid of Gabriel; she simply knew her Bible, and therefore she knew her life was about to take an incredible turn away from the one of comfort she had been planning.

That’s how God works with us stony, stubborn-hearted humans.

So, when we feel external circumstances are removing our comfortableness, we need to pause.  We need to pray.  And we need to be open to change that requires action—especially as leaders!

God takes us out of the routines that bring comfort and causes us to see things from a different perspective.

Well, here we all are, in the midst of 2020.  Certainly, this is a time when we all feel removed from our plans of comfort, hopes for certainty, and “precedented times.”

Isn’t it possible that God will use all the craziness of 2020 to advance his Kingdom?

What journey is the spirit prompting you to take as a leader by embracing less comfort and pursuing God-inspired change?

It may just be that the biggest opportunities in your leadership life are knocking at your door right now.

This could be on a personal level or at the organizational level.

It could be both.

Shoot me an email back.  I’d love to read your replies.

Until next week, Grace & Peace.

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