Developing Female
Leaders Masterclass

An 8-week online course with Kadi Cole on how
to release the potential of women in your church
as well as to navigate the minefields on the way!

An 8-week online course with Kadi Cole on how to release the potential of women in your church as well as to navigate the minefields on the way...

Starts on Jan 14, 2020


42% of female leaders have titles that do not match their male peers or accurately describe their role.1

54% of female leaders do not feel supported by other male leaders in their church.2

95% of the high-level female leaders surveyed have worked in a non-ministry career.3

Learn how you and your team of church leaders can shift your practices and culture to empower women in your church to reach higher levels of leadership without compromising your theology.


Learn The Eight Best Practices for developing female leaders on our weekly online sessions released every Tuesday.

Each session includes:
A 10-minute teaching video | A weekly assignment | Group discussion questions


Seek to Understand

Ask questions and then listen, really listen. This is the first and best place to start.


Clearly Define What You Believe

Know how to give the theological clarity that your team needs in order to lead fully.


Mine the Marketplace

Maximize the rich backgrounds and professions the women in your congregations have to offer your staff team and church.


Integrate Spiritual Formation and Leadership Development

Understand and practice this critical component of developing female leaders in your church.


Be an “Other”

Bear in mind that it is the relationship that makes the biggest difference, so invest in nurturing it.


Create an Environment of Safety

We can create safe environments that empower women, defend the innocent, and protect the church.


Upgrade Your People Practices

Ensure that you are truly leading in a way that aligns with your beliefs and values.


Take On Your Culture

This is probably the biggest and most important task in developing female leaders well.

Note: All sessions are playable on demand, so you can watch them at your convenience.

Kadi Cole breaks the mold with a balanced, vulnerable, and insightful primer on what it takes to both develop and unleash the leadership potential of the women in our churches, no matter where you land on the egalitarian/complementarian theological debate and continuum.

Larry Osborne
Author and Pastor, North Coast Church


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Kadi Cole has spent the last 25 years studying leadership and organizational development, most recently serving as an Executive Director at one of America’s largest and fastest growing multi-site churches. She is passionate about helping local churches thrive and equipping leaders to fulfill their calling.

Kadi is a true visionary, ahead of her time in teaching churches to harness the God-given talents in their congregations. While we are all called to serve, Kadi helps men and women navigate the unique challenges that may arise in pursuit of that call together.

Source: 1&3 Developing Female Leaders by Kadi Cole

2 Barna Group


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