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The usual optimism surrounding the new year just doesn’t seem to be present, at least not at the level we’d hoped for.

2021 is here, but the unknowns from COVID still linger large.

That can feel discouraging, especially if you’ve placed your hope in the calendar changing things for you. But don’t let that get you down.

Here are some things that will help alter your perspective:

Hopefully, these observations will encourage you forward in ways that truly matter.

  • The craziness of 2020 will fade, and the things that really matter will remain.

Your investment in people, relationships, and the gospel changing lives for eternity will remain. As a pastor, you’re more distant from your church physically (which is painful, I know), but don’t let that diminish your assessment that your ministry is making a huge difference.

  • Years from now you won’t remember your attendance and giving scorecard. You’ll likely even be thankful that 2020 gave us a chance to reapproach the church growth conversation.

When you look back at 2020, you will certainly remember the extra things you did with your family and the chance to slow down from the hustle and bustle of our past lives. You will undoubtedly treasure that road trip or weekend getaway, puzzles and board games, long walks around town, and long talks—yes, long conversations were scarce in many homes, but we are bringing their richness back. All these little things made a difference.

My son got his driver’s license and, with it, more freedom. My daughter went off to college in 2020, and I am so thankful to have had the extra time with them that the pandemic has offered.

  • The sense that 2021 is not looking much better than 2020 shouldn’t get you down. You’ve just endured 10 months of a global pandemic, and, even if 2021 isn’t much better so far, you are. You’re a survivor. You’ve grown and matured from the experience, and you can use that growth to your favor in 2021.
  • God hasn’t changed.  His faithful love endures forever (Ps 136) and the call He has for you is likely unchanged as well.

Until next week,
Grace & Peace

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